•  Inspection by a specialist.
  • Consultation on the selection of suitable equipment
  • If the customer wishes, Profi BG can carry out a preliminary study and analysis of the possibilities for power supply of new or reconstructed objects.
  • Preferential prices and possibility for deferred payment.
  • If you have any questions or the service you are interested in is not among those listed



1. Subscription support of transformer stations and electrical equipment of companies.

  • Prevention is carried out by ensuring that the power supply is switched off by representatives of the local .......;
  • After the power supply is turned off, a thorough inspection and cleaning of the equipment is carried out, the transformer oil is checked on the existing transformers, the equipment is being prevented;
  • Upon completion of the prophylactic review, a protocol shall be drawn up describing the technical condition of the facilities and giving guidance and guidance;
  • Repairs are required if necessary.

2.Design and production of external and internal power installations.
Power Plant - A main purpose in the design of the power plant is to provide the specific room with electricity for the intended stationary and portable electrical appliances.

  • Cable trails on all floors
    *  Internal routes
    *  Site tracks
  • High-voltage installations
    *  LV electrical panels
    *  Internal - contact outlets and outlets of a rigid connection
    *  Site (external) - Contact Outputs and Outputs of a Strong Connection
  • Continuous power supply systems
    *  Reserved power supply with SG
    *  Reserved power supply with UPS
    *  Earthing installations
    *  Lighting installations
    *  Interior lighting
    *  District and facade lighting
    *  Lightning protection installation
    *  Passive lightning protection
    *  Active lightning protection

3. Development of external and internal low-voltage installations.

  •    Structured cabling
    *  Telephone installation
    *  Network Installation LAN / WAN / Wireless
    *  Video Surveillance
    *  Access control systems
    *  Fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems

4. Design and construction of earthing and lightning protection systems for buildings
For the design of external lightning protection, it is necessary to use the methods established by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC. More commonly known are: rotating sphere method; angle method and network method. These methods can be used in the design of lightning protection systems by means of conventional lightning arresters such as the Francline rod and by means of horizontal lightning protection systems ("Faraday Cage") connected to the soil and the elements of the building.

5. Design and manufacture of electrical switchboards
Profi BG offers complete design, production, installation and maintenance of medium and low voltage switchboards, medium and low voltage switchgear and control of various processes and objects (......)

  • relay boards,
  • automation boards,
  • control panels,
  • terminal boards,
  • distribution boards
  • repairs
  • measuring boards
  • secondary switchboard
  • control panels
  • motor control center IAS, GRT
  • lighting panels and SIMOKOD backgammon
  • prism backgammon

6. Commissioning and start up activities.
*  Verification of the quality of the assembly and its compliance with the design documentation;
*  Verification and control of all components and conformity assessment;
*  Functional samples;
*  Entry into operation and 72 hour samples under load;
*  Preparation of a transcript and a certificate for the measurements made;
*  Elaboration of executive documentation.

7. Supply and installation of electrical equipment and materials.

8. Repair of external and internal installations.

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